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Rustic, Industrial Themed Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Our magical warehouse, beautiful rustic interiors, impeccable service and superb team make Colorbox Studios one of the best urban, industrial wedding venues around!

Looking for an industrial wedding venue for hire in Cape Town? Look no further! As the industrial wedding trend continues to embrace the modern day wedding world. We are seeing more and more couples veer away from the outdated, traditional way of doing things. Revamped lofts and rustic warehouses are becoming highly sort after spaces. This is a fabulous theme that allows a lot of room for creativity and the blending of eclectic styles. Taking the much-loved vintage theme to a whole new level.


Industrial wedding venues are beloved for their stripped down rustic look. Visible pipes overhead and exposed brick walls which were previously unsightly elements are now revered for their charm. Industrial venues like this one are filled with history which adds a sense of romance to a modern day wedding. The gorgeous, naturally lit indoor area and outdoor courtyard space are both unique and can be used in a variety of different ways. Our beautiful rustic space is a flexible and accommodating venue full of character appropriate for all types of events.


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